Brand Identity
‌Pioneer in Clean Beauty Industry

 We, FATICOS, aim to spread the essence of 
 Korean beauty across the world

  Aspiration for ultimate beauty
  Belief for top quality products
  Endeavor for innovation
  Creation of happiness beyond sole customer satisfaction

"A journey to my inner beauty"

FATICOS aims to find the underlying beauty hidden within you.
By incorporating South Korea's advanced, innovative beauty solutions,

 we will accompany you in finding and embracing your beauty.

FATICOS now and in the future

FATICOS began with the hope that more people would discover and feel the beauty inherent in themselves.

FATICOS was derived from the combination of a Latin phrase "Amor Fati" (love of one's fate) and "Cosmetics".
It holds the meaning of "Cosmetics for those who love and cherish their own fate" 

Founding Year


Main Business

Product development
Brand consulting
Export and trading 

Main Items/Products

Skin care product
Lifting mask patches
Body product
Nail Stickers